I'm Back!

Kay so yeah.... I haven't posted on here... FOREVER.... I'm bad... I know.... ANYWAY!!!

I won't bore you with my life facts from 6 months but I will give you a TINY recap on what's up now.

I'm still in Synchronized Swimming. New coach and NEW team now though so that's different. New school. New friends well I also have my old friends but I made a lot of new friends at my new school and at other activities... I read a bunch of NEW BOOKS! Including the wonderful Clockwork Prince and YES! I know COLS IS coming out soon and you'll notice I have the link at the bottom of the blog XD. Also lots of NEW writing! I can't wait to share some excerpts! And FINALLY! A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! To actually start posting at least once a week on this thing! Yes I know! FINALLY! Right?! So I will finally be back to posting on this and post will include, news on books and occasional reviews, excerpts from writing and news on writing, stuff on Synchronized Swimming, and other boring life stuff... :)

I'm so excited to be back in the blogging world! If there is anything specific you would like me to blog about please let me know! Hopefully at lease one post a week starting NOW!

Lots of Love

Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer


I need YOUR opinion.

Hello blogging friends!

Today I feel bored so I've decided to ask you this question!
I've decided to critique writing. Mostly for YA if possible because I'm a YA reader.

If you do feel the awesomeness to for some reason to want to send me a critique send it to nellly123@hotmail.com and I will for sure critique your work! It just might take some time...!

If you want to be part of this email me!

I'm outie!

- Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer


BEST life-changing experiance EVER!

Hello my dearies!

I'm sorry I didn't post about this earlier but life's been such a buzz and when I did get on blogger was down. :( So here's the scoop.

This weekend I was in Nanaimo. For those of you who don't know where that is it's a small town in British Columbia. Nanaimo though being small has a pretty killer synchronized swimming club. And that's what brought me there. It started on Friday where right off the ferry (that we had to take to get there because Nanaimo also happens to be an island.) we headed to Nanaimo Aquatic Center. I've got to say the pool was nice a bit cold but nice. I mean all pools are cold.

Here's a bit of a fuzzy picture of the pool. Nice huh?!

Anyways as soon as we got to the pool we were in our bathing suits and swimming run-through's of the routine. A soloist who is at national level was performing her solo in the water as we swam, and so was another team swimming to Justin Beiber.

That night after a quick team meeting and a plate of what seemed to be almost cold pasta and disgusting apple pie that I decided to skip on we were sent to bed in one of the swimmers houses in Nanaimo.

Let me just clarify something. I love swim meets. Especially away meets. There fun, we get to bond, watch re-runs of shows until late at night, and sleep in a comfy bed in a luxurious hotel.... Oops! Scratch that last one. Turns out we were in a stuffy house full of junk, little kids toys, and trash, oh yeah and SPIDERS! I'm still paralyzed in fear. When out friend told us of the rat running around I basically died right then and there. I didn't though! Still alive and somewhat well though a little disturbed. So sadly my "Hotel" Experience didn't really live up to expectations :( The OK thing was that, that was about the only thing that didn't live up to expectations.

The next day was figures. DUH DUH DUH DUH! I was marked in the high 5's and even got a couple of 6.2's a huge accomplishment for me! My final score was 55.003 in 23rd place. My teammate coming just above me in 22nd! I was 3rd best in my team and my score was a new personal best for me. So I was REALLY proud of what I achieved! The best girl on out team ranked 18th in standings which goes to show you what huge competition was out there!
On the car-rides we all fought to be in the camper van which could fit more people and always was more fun then the tiny car which was the other choice! Not a good one. Anyways for lunch we had homemade sandwiches! Very good! And we were out playing around at the beach, doing homework, and singing off key until it was time to head back to the pool. We watched our soloist who was amazing! She came second! But everybody thought she deserved first place!

At the end of the day we went a banquet where they gave out figures awards and awards for the solo's and duets of the day. The rest of the awards would be given out tomorrow. We cheered loudly for our soloist as she came up twice, once for second place in figures, and another time for second place in her solo! The food was delicious and we had pumpkin pie for dessert! It was delicious! 

That night we slept pretty soundly aside from the freaky stories everybody kept on telling in the car ride back, and the awful odor of the clogged up toilet which nobody admitted to doing. But we all suspected one girl on our team who totally ticks us off. Yet we were still pumped for the next day!

We all woke at around 7:00am and started doing hair and eating breakfast, which were homemade egg mcmuffins! Yummy! The hair was less enjoyable but as people gelled it I played Plants vs. Zombies on my friends iPhone so all was good!

When we arrived at the pool it was LANDRILL LANDRILL LANDRILL! And we did that until warm-up where our coach was instead yelling PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Almost equally annoying! We were just hoping the hardwork payed off. Before we got out our coach told up we were fourth out of 8 teams and it would take some work to get to the podium and take even 3rd. Thanks for the pressure! 

And then all of a sudden it was time. We were walking on. We were in the water. We were swimming. Not only that we were swimming the routine! I swear I swam my heart out and I was determined to make sure everybody else did. I held my breath and let me tell you it was harder then usual because I had a pretty bad cold yet there I was swimming it. Trying it as hard as I could. When the routine was over I was panting. And we were sitting on the side of the deck waiting nervously for our scores. We already knew we weren't coming in first because Victoria had gotten a score to hard to beat in the position we were in. When the score came up we cheered. 55.232 it was a break through and possibly a third place score! We might have made podium!

After that we washed our hair out which took a long time because it was all gelled up. We took off our make-up we got dressed in our team track suit. And then it was basically a race to see who could find out what place we came in first. I got there first and I think I might of screamed with joy because we got THIRD PLACE! I was so proud of us because I knew that going in with our score it might be impossible but we DID IT! We got THIRD FRIGGIN PLACE! I was soooo happy and overjoyed I raced to the others to tell them I also found out that the other team we were swimming got 3rd also and that meant we both made PODIUM!

Then it was the results when we walked up to the podium we were so overjoyed (have I used this word too much? I think so but it really describes us!) and happy and shocked. When we got our bronze medals we wore them proudly for pictures and our smiles were sincere! It was a REALLY GREAT weekend.
Then it was time to go back on the ferry and when our chaperone offered us sandwiches I wanted to barf because all we'd really eaten had been sandwiches.! Me and one of my best friends raced to the white spot on board and we both got chicken strips and fries, just to eat unhealthy for once. We both needed fried food! We also pigged out on ice-cream bad-talked celebrities and a couple of people we hated and then read those girly magazines in the gift shop. Laughing at the embarrassing moments and taking the quizzes. It was so fun and so not ordinary for me and for all of us! We'd been training all year and it was great to finally just relax!

Anyways that's the reason why I haven't been posting lately! Hoped you enjoyed reading about it and if you made it all the way to the end HIGH FIVE! And comment below! Especially if you have any questions.

For some reason I'm craving sushi...
More soon,

Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer


Jenna's World Teaser and a Promise!

Since the poll indicated you guys wanted more from Jenna's World here's a line from the first chapter that I think you'll enjoy.

"Looking around her she suddenly came to realization that she had so idea where she was."

So wondering whats up?! I've decided to post another teaser for the next 10 followers. So tell your friends to follow me and be rewarded with another teaser from Jenna's World!

This week my life's been pretty chill and I'm really excited for next week because I'm headed off to provincials! A 2 night trip in Nanaimo. I'm uber excited and I'll be sure to update you as we get closer to leaving!

More teasers soon! Hopefully!

- Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer 


YAY ME! And no London Tipton didn't hack this blog.

Sorry about the lack of posts for the past few weeks. I've been ultra busy with homework and the fact that I was just published! You might remember that around 2 months ago I announced that I was going to be published in New Moon Girls Magazine. Well as May's come around Moi has been published! YAY!

For the link to my published article Click Here and go to page 26/27 no I didn't do the artwork but the woman who did was amazing and I love what she did, painting a scene write from the story! I would love for some feedback so comment below! Also I promise to update more regularly!

Bye for now,

Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer


Regionals Day 2 and other news.

Sorry for the HUGE delay on what happened that Sunday! I'm a terrible blogger! Then again I do have a good excuse *COUGH* Reno's = Moving = No Internet Access *COUGH.*

But your post is here now! So this is what happened. Did I say my figures final in the last post? I don't think so... but if I did it changed to 5th out of 10th! Which I was super happy about! My friend Sabrina got 1st and we had a big celebration afterward to congratulate the 5 of us who did get ribbons (Me Included!)

Anyways when we got to the pool on Sunday it was full force, Makeup-Landrill-Stretch after that we ate then Reapplied Makeup-Landrilled-and Stretched some more. Did I mention our hair was all gelled up in a bun with about 50 bobby pins sticking everywhere? It took like 2 weeks to get everything out, and every now and then I'm still finding flakes. Our routine was great I think... there were just a few minor difficulties, but nothing too bad.

We placed 1st out of 2 teams but still a great acclomplishment and I'm extremely happy with the outcome!

In other words I missed the Cassy Clare book-signing last Monday which almost had me in tears and I was absolutely NO use to the team anyways as there was only 3 of us there! One at camp, one with Bronchitis, one with the flu, and 2 others were actually at the book-signing! I was very disappointed with the team and we ended up just swimming laps and keeping up on our endurance...

I've also finished a few chapters of Jenna's World which is coming along great (Teasers up soon!) and I'm extremely excited because my story will be published in a couple of days now link for that up soon!

I've gotta go more moving boxes but I promise that I'll try to post more regularly now that I'm back an hooked up to the internet!

- Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer


Synchronized Swimming - Regionals Day 1

Guess what?! Today was Day 1 of my Synchronized Swimming competition: AKA Figures.

Let me get you up to speed.

For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about Click Here!
      Anyways, back to what I was saying. Today we did our figures and tomorrow we'll be competing for the title in our region with our routine!

Our theme is Iron-man (No not the movie! The Race! You know, swim, bike run?!) and if I can I'll post a picture of out awesome suits! Not our figures ones though because their just black and ugly and not nice to look at. Not like people really watch our figures anyway...

I don't find out my figures results till tomorrow so I'll post them when I get around to it. Hopefully tomorrow or Monday!

In other words I just finished City Of Fallen Angels and now I'm waiting for Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Prince the second book in her Infernal Devices series! For others anticipating that release I've added the countdown widget at the bottom of my blog so it would be awesome if you could check it out!

My mom's calling me for dinner,

-Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer